Launch of the new site!


We have heard over the years that the residents of Birmingham Farms would like to have a website that can provide easier communication regarding events and information that is needed to be an active participant in the community. This website will attempt to do just that. First and foremost, we will use this to facilitate communications to our great community. It is also setup so that you can provide feedback. We have also setup an email address to contact the board for general questions and concerns. That address is There are other aspects of the site that we hope you find helpful. First, we have the directory in electronic form. It is password protected, the general public will not have access but as a member of the community you will receive the password. Second, for those who use Facebook we have integrated it with our communities Facebook page. Third, we will soon have the ability to pay your dues via PayPal, if you so choose. Checks will always be welcomed and accepted. in addition to PayPal, we will also have the ability to take credit and debit cards at events for your convenience. Finally, we will have the calendar of events published that will allow you to know what is upcoming so that you can be an active participant in our great community.

This is just the start and we will continue to evolve the site as our needs dictate. Please let’s us know what you think.


BFHA Board

About birminghamfarms

The website for the Birmingham Farms Homeowners Association in Bloomfield Township, Michigan
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