Board Meeting

Attention Birmingham Farms Residents

There will be a board meeting  on Tuesday, August 18th at the Starbucks at Maple and Telegraph starting at 8:30 pm.

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The website for the Birmingham Farms Homeowners Association in Bloomfield Township, Michigan
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2 Responses to Board Meeting

  1. liansjadan says:

    Hello, I have an 8 year old daughter along with other 8 year old girls from the neighborhood of Birmingham Farms that have gotten it in their heads (spearheaded by my daughter, Lareina) to create a “club”, called “camp club”, that has developed into a “club house” and every day it keeps evolving.
    So, i suggested that they should create a presentation and we would need to speak to the neighborhood boardmembers to see what could be built (i’m thinking something of a tent-like structure but they are thinking a large structure for a dozen neighborhood kids for “camp club”), they have set up ideas for activities, education and so on. They have been working on this for weeks.

    Not sure if there is a way to humor, educate, and enlighten these young minds during the next board meeting for a 5 minute-ish presentation. Thanks in advance!

    • Thank you very much – a presentation from the girls during the next board meeting would be great. We are meeting at Bagger Dave’s on 4/19 at 7:30pm during our Fundraising Event. Please let me know if the girls are still interested. From there we will meet again in June on the 21st if that is a better date. Thanks!

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