Birmingham Farms – Homeowner Maintenance & Safety

Hi folks – We have received numerous complaints about the maintenance of homes in our subdivision. We ask that you please contact the Township at 248-594-2845 for any complaints regarding uncut grass, noxious weeds, garbage cans and debris not put away inside of the home and any cars left unattended on our streets overnight. Here are a couple items to highlight from the Township’s Code and Ordinance Division FAQ:

How can I get my neighbor to cut his grass? Bloomfield Township has a weed ordinance that allows grass to grow eight (8) inches. Anything taller than that is a violation of the ordinance and can be dealt with by contacting the Ordinance Division. If it is a vacant home, the Division will make an effort to contact the responsible party. If no response is received, the Township will hire a crew to cut the grass every two weeks until a responsible party comes forward to maintain the property.

  1.  it shall be the duty of such owners, agents and/or occupants to keep all grass cut below a height of eight (8) inches and destroy noxious weeds including grass as defined in the Noxious Weed Ordinance before they reach a seed  bearing stage so as to prevent their re-growth.

My neighbor continually puts their trash out early and/or leaves their cans out after our scheduled pick up day. Is this allowed?
Trash is allowed to be put out at the curb as early as noon the day before your scheduled pick up day. All trash containers are to be removed within 12 hours following collection.

We also ask that before leaving your home for a trip or an extended period of time, call the Bloomfield Township Police Department at 248-433-7755. Give them your date of departure and return. Call load permitting, the Police will adjust patrol activities to afford our neighborhood extra patrol.

Please see the Bloomfield Township & Police website links below for further details. Thank you for your feedback to help improve our subdivision and keep Birmingham Farms one of the most sought after places to live in Bloomfield Township!

Bloomfield Township Code and Ordinance Division

Code and Ordinance Division FAQs

Bloomfield Township Police Neighborhood Safety Tips


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