Birmingham Farms Roads Update


RE: Road Replacement Update To All Subdivision Residents,

Dear Resident,

The Board of Directors would like to express our gratitude for your support of Phase One for the road construction project. At the current time, the Township is conducting engineering studies to determine the requirements and costs for the road replacement.

We also would like to thank Rick Goren for his online petition efforts as our subdivision set the standard for online approval of future road projects. I’m sure you are all aware the entire Board and volunteers worked tirelessly to secure the approval for Phase One.

We have been informed by the Township that Phase One will be completed within six (6) to twelve (12) months in order to allow the Township to do their studies, engineering, and estimates. At the time Phase One estimates are submitted, they will be sent to you by way of blog, email, and notice of a meeting in order to answer any inquiries which the residents may have.

It is interesting to note that the Township indicated the roads in our subdivision are in a horrible deteriorating shape and as such, they are required to install patches to maintain them. This patching is strictly road “maintenance” and not “replacement” and as such, is a short term fix. The current maintenance the Township is providing is at no cost to the residents as they are only repairing sections of the road which costs are included as part of your taxes. What the Board is attempting to do, together with the residents’ approval, will improve the quality of our entire subdivision and value of our homes long term.

We will keep you updated of the Phase One cost estimates and the beginning of Phase Two approvals of our road project through the blog and emails. If you have questions, please feel free to attend the next Board Meeting and we will be happy to address those concerns. You may also contact us through the website: or the Board’s email address:

Harvey K. Babcock

Vice President of Birmingham Farms Association

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The website for the Birmingham Farms Homeowners Association in Bloomfield Township, Michigan
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