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Hi everyone,

Thank you to the 100 or so people that attended last night’s meeting.  A special thanks to Olivia from the Township, Township Supervisor Leo Savoie and Mark from the Road Commission of Oakland County for attending.
The following documents are attached:
1.  Below is a list of subdivisions that went through the Road SAD process, with the pulverization of the existing road bed, 4” new asphalt surface method of construction:


2013 Knob Hill Subdivision

2013 Thorncrest Subdivision

2014 Hickory Heights Subdivision

2015 Kentmoor Subdivision

2016 Hickory Grove Hills Subdivision

2018 Overbrook Subdivision

A map is attached.

2.  A copy of the petition.  This is just for reference.  This cannot be signed  Only the first 8 pages are relevant.  The rest is a list of all of our addresses where we would sign (on the original petition).

3.  The price structure if financing is done through the Township over a 15 year period of time.

4.  Answers to Commonly Asked Questions (handout passed out 2 years ago and last night)

5.  The Road SAD Process (handout passed out 2 years ago and last night)

Below is a summary of last night’s meeting.  Thank you to neighbor, Michael Blalock, for putting this together.  His description is much better than I could have done, so thank you Michael.

“The total engineer’s estimate for the project is $4.5 M, which translates to a cost of $12,316 per home. That amount can increase based on bids, but if the increase is more than 10%, the Township will kick it back to the homeowners for approval. 

The cost can be financed through the Township. The financing is a 15 year term, and the cost of the financing is the bond rate plus 1%. That usually translates to a 4.5% interest rate. If financed, payments will be made with your winter taxes. The SAD financing is not deductible like normal property taxes.

The County can also finance the project. County financing is a 10 year term, and the cost is 6%. Also, with the County financing, your total cost is determined based on road frontage–not on a per-home basis.

The project will consist of pulverizing the existing road, and using the pulverized material (i.e. gravel) as a base for the new road. The new asphalt will be virgin material based on County specifications. This will result in a higher road, which will also be crowned a bit more to allow for drainage (picture an inverted “v”). 

The trench created by the pulverizing will extend approximately 2 feet in to your yard. This will be re-sodded when the project is complete. Driveways will also be cut (approximately 3-5 feet) to allow for a clean transition to the new, higher road. If your driveway is asphalt, the part that they cut will be replaced with asphalt. If your driveway is concrete, it will be replaced with concrete. If you have a sprinkler system, they will move the sprinklers near the road and replace them when the project is complete.

The project will result in new roads, and not overlays like you see throughout our sub now (or like what M-Dot seems to be doing every year or two on Telegraph). The difference is that the new road should last longer (Leo Savoie mentioned 15-25 years, with 25 being the goal as opposed to 4-5 for an overlay).

To move forward, the petition needs to be approved by 51% of homes and by the owners of 51% of total road frontage. Once approved, the project goes to the Township Board. If approved by the Board, the Road Commission for Oakland County will put the project out to bid.  The winning bid will be the lowest qualified bidder.  The project then goes back to the Township Board for final approval.  If approved by the Board, the project moves forward, and construction would begin next year. The project will likely take all summer.

For the petition, each person on title needs to sign, meaning if the property is owned by husband and wife, both need to sign, or if owned by a trust, all trustees need to sign. The petition needs to be returned by July 1. Signing the petition is a “yes” vote; not signing the petition is a “no” vote.  

Leo Savoie indicated that these projects are usually very divisive. The majority of them fail, and the ones that pass usually do so by a slim margin. 

The Township will provide our association with the petition and with a list of neighborhoods where this project has been done in the past.”

I know this is a lot to digest.  The next steps will be determined soon i.e. neighbors hitting the pavement, going door to door, asking for signatures.  If you’d like to help or have any questions, please email me at


Rick Goren

BFHA President

DRAFT Special Assement 15 Years Financing

Birmingham Farms petition – for reference only

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions Road SAD



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